5 reasons to publish content from YOU, not your company

Publish content from you, not your company
You’re not diving into content creation for the glory – so why should YOU be the voice of a company blog or delivering from-the-heart messages on social media? Because your audience needs content from YOU personally. Here’s why:

  1. You’re the expert. Yes, you. When people – your potential customers – want to solve a problem, get advice, learn new ideas, they listen to other people before they start seeking out products. If the impartial advice they get (from you) resonates, they’ll act on it, too.
  2. You’re someone they can trust. I was in a class not long ago when the instructor asked why we bought the cars we currently drive. Initial responses were “gas mileage,” “safety,” and “fun to drive,” but then he probed further. “What made you choose this very specific one, this dealership, this sales person?” That’s when one of the attendees told why she had purchased her car: “Because my sales rep and I had a lot in common. We’d been through some of the same things, had kids about the same age. I trusted her.” That trust helped them connect and let the sales rep close the deal.
  3. You’re not perfect. When imperfect photos of Cindy Crawford surfaced earlier this year (spoiler alert: they turned out to be altered), the former supermodel questioned why bad pictures of her made people so happy. It’s simple: we’re drawn to real people who have real flaws. Corporations may seem perfect but if the people who run them are just like us, we relate and connect.
  4. You faced the same challenge. And won. Ask entrepreneurs why they got into business and you’ll likely hear about the moment they realized something could be made better. Turns out we all have these stories – whether we started a company or contribute to one as an employee. You built an app that allows for crowd-sourced traffic reports because you were fed up with being late for meetings. You developed a formula that told you the exact moment when you’d run out of a certain indispensable supply so you’d never be left hanging again. Your experience is invaluable and odds are good that once you start thinking about your experience, you’ll find out it’s pretty vast and far-reaching, too.
  5. You have an amazing story to tell. Remember that time your car broke down on the side of the road on your way to a job interview? Or that time you were struggling to figure out why your new product wasn’t selling but your old one was suddenly breaking records? Your stories, the lessons you learned and the personal anecdotes you share are interesting and make you relate-able. Plus it rubs off on the company and products you represent, too.

If you’re not acting as a voice on your company blog or social media, it’s easy to start. (BTW, it’s good to have more than one voice on a company blog – tap into every internal expert on your team.) Brainstorm ideas with your content team or bring on an outside content firm to help. You have plenty to say. And there plenty of people who are ready to listen.

Jeanie’s note: This article originally appeared in Utah Business Connect in 2015.

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